The children enjoy their day off in the Fahari Foundation Centre



                                                                The singing- and dancing group of BCDCC           



                 Short impression of the experiences of our volunteers Mirjam and Shannen during their stay in Mtwapa


                                                              Impression of Bart's Breakfast 2013

                                                            Presentation `Children of Mtwapa` project
                                                               Fahari Foundation presentation
                                                                          Musical and rhythmic
                                                      Every saturday the kids enjoy playing together
Promotion video Children of Mtwapa
Bart's Breakfast @ Sinterklaas 2012
Promotion video Bart's Breakfast @ Sinterklaas 2012
Walk of the Dogs 2012
Impression what the students from Liemers College did in Kenya.
Party in Belgium 2011
Kelvin´s birthday
The childeren are thanking the sponsors
The childeren are thanking the childeren in Woerden
Thanks to the tutoring the childeren improve their schoolresults
A day ou in a reptilezoo
Happy Newyear!