News overview 2019

06-08-2019: Thanks to several donations we received, Christine could be operated. We are glad that she is feeling much better now. She will heve to go to the hospital for regural check ups. 

19-07-2019: Traditionally, soup, sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks are sold on the last day of the Walk of the World in Linden (official resting place) Every year, the proceeds of this promotion goes to several charity organisations in the city and one foreign one. We were lucky to be selected. We received € 500,00 from the organization. THANKS so much!

15-07-2019: The greenhouse in the vegetable garden works well!!! There are many vegetables in it. The corn outside the greenhouse is also growing  well.
09-07-2019: Fortunately a conciderable amount has already been donated. Thank you all for that.  
05-07-2019: Unfortunately, Christine has to be operated again. We started a facebookaction to collect the mony to pay for the operation (wich will probably cost between €700,00 and € 1.000,00). 
25-05-2019: After a nice day at the project, there is of course time for relaxation with a fun movie for the kids.!
11-05-2019: What a surprise! We received an amount of € 500.00 from Stichting Dorp Waar Pit In Zit! Thanks a lot! 
07-05-2019: The children are back on the project and go back to school in their new uniform.   
03-05-2019: We welcomed a new girl in the project. Her name is Rihanah. We already found supporting parents for her. We want to thank them for giving this girl a chance for a self-reliant life.
30-04-2019: Erick (our fashion designer) has support from 2 seamstresses. One of the first things they are going to make are the new school uniforms for the children in the project.
25-04-2019: The customers of fashion shop Kids Town gave their change to Fahari and the shop owner dubbled it THANK YOU!
19-03-2019: The Vandersanden Group does a lot for charity. Our Board members Mari and Hans received a cheque of € 3.300,00. On behalf of the children: THANK YOU so much!
08-04-2019: The kids in the project are glad to visit their relatives during a short vacation. 
13-03-2019: Unfortunately one of the girls in the project (Christine) sufferd from Malaria and a bacterial infection. She also had a huge abscess on her fore head. She has surgory and is feeling much better now. 
03-03-2019: The sewing centre (Trots Fashion and Uniforms) is up and running. Erick is the new fashion designer and Rose is doing the marketing. We wish them all the luck! 
15-02-2019 t/m 02-03-2019: We went to the project with a group of donors. 13 people in total (they all paid privately for their trip, food and hotels) gave the children a great time. We celebrated the birthdays of all the children, went on a beachday, handed out food packages in the little village next to the Centre. On behalf of ChildRight, Rosina donated a microwave, toys and a hair clipper. Wietske (one of the donors who joint this trip too) collected money in the Netherlands and was able to buy a fridge, deep freezer, toys, blender, gas coocker and wheelbarrow. Also the other participants (Holger, Tina, Karin, Hans, Mees, Jeffrey, Henri, Rob, Nathalie, Titia and Bas) donated items and saw with their own eyes how gratefull the kids were.

Er zijn tijdens ons bezoek ook een paar nieuwe stafleden en een hoofd van het Naaiatelier (Trots Fashion) het team komen versterken. Het totale team bestaat nu uit (van boven naar beneden en van links naar rechts): Isaac (Managing director), Kariuki (klusjesman), Flavian (ondersteuning van de staf), Erick (hoofd ontwerper Trots Fashion), Kitsao (bewaker), Kupalia (leraar), Purity (Matrone), Doris (kok), Christine (Manager), Rosemary (Acquisitie Trots Fashion)

29-01-2019: One of our staff members broke his arm and needed immediate medical care. We started a Facebook action to get the neccessery funds. Kupalia is very gratfull for all the support het got from the donors. 
19-01-2019: A part of the surrounding wall had to be replaced because the severe rain undermined the stability. To cut in costs, also the staff members helpt rebuilding.  
19-01-2019: The kids also learn practical skills that they can use whene they are adults. Emily and Aisha, for instance, learn how to make snacks. 

15-01-2019: We welcomed a new girl (Riziki Rose) in the project today. She is 8 years old and her grandmother was not able to take care of her annymore. Her grandmother took care of her because Riziki's mother is deaf, can't speak and is jobless. Riziki loves it in the Centre.

10-01-2019: Mwanahamisi and Rehema are two of the kids that went to High School this year.
06-01-2019: Today a new boy arrived in the project. His single parent mother was not able to take care of him, and his two brothers and sister annymore. 
02-01-2019: This year, 4 kids went to High School for the first time. Thanks to the donors they are on their journey to a self reliant life. 
01-01-2019: We wish you all the best for 2019. With your support, we ensure that the children in the Trots Foundation Centre can be self-reliant in the future. On behalf of them, thanks for your support