News overview 2016

18-12-2017: Great news! Thanks to a donorparent we got in contact with the Umdasch Foundation in Austria. We asked them to help us to finance the educational programmes and this is their answer:  "We are delighted to announce Umdasch Foundation decided to support Fahari Foundation with funds for educational programmes for our children. The Umdasch Foundation is an initiative of Hilde Umdasch and Alfred Umdasch with the goal of linking together the fields of education, economy and ethics. The Fahari Foundation project was selected because of the joint objectives providing better future via education and self-reliance."
17-12-2017: The board of the Fahari Foundation wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. We would like to thank everyone who, in his or her own way, contributed to the welfare of the children in our project in Kenya. 
17-12-2016: Trees, Jacqueline and Liesbeth sell all kinds of things for the Fahari Foundation during the Christmas in Duiven. 
13-12-2016: Next school year (January 2017) we will have as many as 14 children at secondary schools in Kenya. These up country schools are qualitatively better than the schools near the coast. The first children left by bus and have arrived in Nairobi.
11-12-2016: There was a Dickens Christmas Market in Duiven. Trees, Liesbeth and Jacqueline staffed a booth and raised money for the Fahari Foundation. Thank you ladies! 
01-12-2016: Lae-titia (Chairlady of the Fahari Foundation) went for a surprise visit to the project. Besides the visit to the Trots Foundation Centre (Fahari Foundation Centre), she visited some families of (new) children in the project. Everybody enjoyed a beach day and there were many meetings with the caretakers of the children, the team and several other people. A visit to never forget! 
20-11-2016: As a result of the fact that the new water tower is situated in the vegetable garden, it had to be re-build. It looks good again! 
19-11-2016: In 2017 it is planned that 14 of our children will continue their study at high school. A milestone in the history of the Fahari Foundation and a major achievement if you recognize that without the Foundation these children would most likely not enjoy education at all! The additional annual costs for high school education compared to ground school education is € 600,00 per child. Up to this moment we still need € 5.500,00 from the neccessary € 8.400,00 to pay for their education. It is our mutual challenge to secure the financial means to make this happen. Do you want to reach out and donate for high school education, or do you know friends, family or companies who support our initiative and make a durable change to the life of these children? Please contact the Fahari Foundation board members so we can get in contact. Any financial contribution is appreciated under title "high school support 2017”. The Fahari Foundation bank account details are:FAHARI FOUNDATION, IBAN: NL77 RABO 0121040313 BIC: RABONL2U
On behave of the Fahari children we say: ASANTE SANA!
18-11-2016: The water tower, which we can build, thanks to many donations, is nearing completion! The plaster has to dry and then the tower can be painted. 
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17-11-2016: Tonight was the first episode of a three-day jubilee show of ultimate pop choir "Sign Of Friendship" in Musiater Zevenaar. The pop choir exists for 25 years and is a feast for eyes and ears in every way! During the show, there was also a moment where everybody was told about the Fahari Foundation and we were able to collect money (and also the next 2 nights) for the project. On behalf of the children in the project, thank you and congratulations!
23-10-2016:  Today we published our latest newsletter.
08-08-2016: Start of construction of the new water tower. We hired local "unemployed" people to dig the big hole in the ground. In this way, they have a job and can earn money to support their family. 
04-08-2016: A while ago, we had a Facebook action to be able to buy a printer for the project in Kenya. Thanks to all the donors we were able to purchase a good one. Thank you! 
19-07-2016: In addition to a formal foundation in the Netherlands, we now have an officially registered NGO in Kenya. The NGO in Kenya is called: Trots Foundation.
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10-07-2016: An anonymous donor has given money to buy new socks and underwear for the children in the project. Thank you!
08-07-2016: We did it!! Together we raised the money for the construction of the water tower! A BIG THANK YOU to you all! There is already an "artist's impression" of the water tower: It is a beauty! 
23-06-2016: The children in the project also like to help with cleaning the garden and playground at the Fahari Foundation Centre.
21-06-2016: There are delicious watermelons growing in the vegetable garden at the Fahari Foundation Centre this year. The vegetable garden is was constructed by students of the College Liemers in Zevenaar.
18-06-2016: Safety is very important! Today all children and the staff of the Fahari Foundation Centre were tought how to use the fire extinguishers.
15-05-2016: We just published a newsletter.
08-02-2016: We have been on a working visit from the 8th till the 22nd of February to our project in Kenya. This time we were accompanied by several donor parents who wanted to meet their donor child(ren).
26-01-2016: The children are ready! The new school year is about to begin and all children have a new school uniform. Thanks to all the sponsors !!!!  
23-01-2016: Today was the big day! The Gala of the ChildRight Fund. At a top location (Kurhaus in Scheveningen) a perfectly organized gala was held for the benefit of various charities supported by the ChildRight Fund. The Fahari Foundation is one of the charities supported by ChildRight and 20 persons of Fahari were present at this gala. Several speeches were held (including a video message from Princess Laurentien), there was an auction of art including paintings by Marian Jacobs and Ans Markus. Besides an excellent dinner there were also performances by Liptease, Jared Grant and Brandon. The objective of this gala was to raise money for a number of charities supported by ChildRight. We are therefore very pleased that we will receive an amount of € 15.800,00 from ChildRight! On behalf of the children in the project; ASANTE SANA! 

19-01-2016: The school year in Kenya has started for some of "our" children. Shukrani is one of these children and he is ready for his new school. He is in the 2nd grade of the secondary school. The children attending the first year of secondary school have to wait another month and the children who attend primary school have already gone back to school. 
11-01-2016: The Fahari Foundation Centre, where all 50 children in the project are living, must also be maintained well and therefore it is being repaint. 
04-01-2016: The construction of the additional wing to the Swiss Cottage Hospital (partner of the Fahari Foundation, which provides medical care for the children in the project) is nearing its completion. In this wing (partly funded by the Fahari Foundation and Wilde Ganzen) is a mother / child department. In this department the hospital fights the unnecessary deaths of mothers and their (un) born child.
03-01-2016: We are looking for additional donor parents for 15 children in the project. Donor parent usually means that you pay € 50.00 per month to the Foundation. Because these children already have a donor parent of € 25.00 per month it means you transfer € 25.00 per month to the account of the Fahari Foundation and with that money you contribute to the daily care (food, drink, clothing, medical care etc.) of the children. You and the other donor parent will be linked to one of the children. Together we ensure that the children become self-reliant! Are you interested? Please contact us via or by phone at 0621543260. We gladly answer your questions and discuss the possibilities. 

01-01-2016: We would like to wish everybody all the best in 2016. Together with your support we can give the children in the project a self-reliant life. On behalf of the children in Mtwapa thanks for everything that you are going to do to help us!