News overview 2015

27-11-2015: The construction of the new wing at the Swiss Cottage Hospital is progressing day by day. This mother/child wing will help to reduce the unnecessary deaths of (un)born children and mothers. The new wing is funded by the Fahari Foundation and Wilde Ganzen.
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26-11-2015: It took a while .... But after a lot of troubles and a lot of patience, we have power on the project! Thanks to the financial support of Wilde Ganzen, the "Third World Flea" (of the Mill-Hill College in Goirle) and the tireless efforts of Wallace (director of the local hospital, "Swiss Cottage Hospital" our partner in Mtwapa) we have, as of today, power in the Fahari Foundation Centre. So far, they have always had to use a generator but (thankfully) now that belongs to the past! Of course, the generator remains there as a back up because in Kenya every now and then a power failure can occour and the power supply must  be immediately switched to the generator. Another milestone for the children in the project! Mwangome (chairman of the Kenyan group of volunteers who takes care of the children), was the first to turn the switch. LIGHT!
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22-11-2015: THANKS to pop choir "A Sign of Friendship" !!! Today they had (for the 2nd year in a row) a benefit concert for Fahari. It was so pleasing to the ear what they sung. Everyone enjoyed for the full 100%. The concert brought Fahari € 763.30! Thank you "A Sign Of Friendship and Trees (she was the one who organized this great evening)!
22-11-2015: Today (and yesterday) Trees and Jacqueline have to put their best foot forward during the Winter Fair in Zevenaar. Together they had a market stall where everything was sold for Fahari. Girls: you are the best! Together they have raised € 725.00 !!
21-11-2015: The children were overjoyed when they were invited (as a surprise) for a beach day. It remains a joy to see (and experience) how much fun they have at the beach.
20-11-2015: In Kenya the school summer holiday started today. Of course, the reports are handed out on the last day of school. A number of children from the project had become first in their class while others were given a certificate because they were the most helpful in the classroom for instance. Together we can be proud that the kids are doing so well! Lae-titia was there and handed over the certificates.
18-11-2015: Work in progress on the pit latrines. Despite all the rain, work is finishing step by step.
15-11-2015: The surprise was great with everyone in the project when Lae-titia arrived for a surprise visit.
03-11-2015: Fashion House Ter Horst van Geel (10 shops in the Netherlands) recently held a special "pants action". When purchasing a new women's pants and an old pants was handed in the customers got a € 10.00 discount. All submitted trousers (about 1,000 pieces) of this action were donated to the Fahari Foundation. We will make sure that the trousers will be distributed in Kenya. On behalf of all the women in Kenya: Thank you Fashion House Ter Horst van Geel!
03-11-2015: Thanks to our partnership with Wilde Ganzen, the expansion of the Swiss Cottage Hospital with a new wing is being realized. This wing is a special section for mothers with their (un)born child(ren). Thank you Wilde Ganzen!
16-10-2015: Thanks to our partnership with ChildRight Fund, Swiss Cottage Hospital (our partner in Mtwapa) has an incubator! Thanks to this donation, the hospital can ensure that one of its objectives (reducing the unnecessary deaths of newborn children and their mothers) can be achieved! Thank you ChildRight Fund!
10-10-2015: One of the goals this year was to realize the "pitt latrines" on the property of the Fahari Foundation Centre. Pitt latrines are toilets on the basis of a hole in the ground. According to new regulations in Kenya, a building like the Fahari Foundation Centre must have an opportunity to use these toilets if the toilets in the building are faulty. Meanwhile, they have started to build it.
08-10-2015: The Snuffelmarkt (Grave) is open again! For the third time we organize this market with donated items. This time we continue, depending on the supply of new stuff, basically until the end of January 2016. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday the shop is open between 10:00 and 17:00. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the realization of the Snuffelmarkt. Without the commitment of them we could't have done it. Of course thanks to all who have donated stuff to us. You are the best! 
23-08-2015: After a sunny day at the large car boot sale in Pannerden we could make up the balance. Thanks to the initiative and help of Patricia, Karin and Marleen it was a succesfull day!  Despite the other 160 participants of the car boot sale, they mannaged to collect € 125,05 for Fahari! Super girls!
10-08-2015: It's over again .... We have just returned from our visit to the children in the program in Kenya. In short: it was fantastic!!! Again!! Good to see that all the help we give with the support of the sponsor parents, donors and volunteers get to work out really well! The kids are all happy and healthy. They do well in school and they are all, one by one, all well-behaved children. A compliment to the Kenyan volunteers who, seven days a week 24 hours a day, take care of the children! During our visit we have given the children, thanks to several sponsors, a lot of games and we surprised them with a day at the beach and a meal in a restaurant. Below are quite a number of photos that we have took. For even more photos, please go to our Facebook page;  where we, also (almost) daily, give updates about everything that "our" children in Kenya concern.
07-08-2015: What a generous gesture! Liliana gave a number of joga classes in Switzerland and the proceeds divided between two charities. One of them is the Fahari Foundation. She has transferred €677.76 to our foundation. The company where she works will, through their foundation (COFRA Treasury Service), double the amount! Mega thanks to Liliana, her students and Cofra!
11-06-2015: One of the children in our project (James Kahindi) finished first at the regional high jumping competitions for primary schools!  After that he went to Kisii (place on the west side of Kenya) and took part in the national championships. He finished 5th! A great achievement!
09-06-2015:We started a new fundraising activity today. All the children in the program are living in the Fahari Foundation Centre now. We noticed that there is a tremendous need for games. We asked the children what they would like most and the following games/items emerged: Keram, Chess, Tennis, Table Tennis, a Soccer Table, Monopoly, playing Football, Ludo, Uno, Snakes & Ladders, Badminton and an Aerobic Bouncer. The total costs for all of these games are about € 400,00. It would be great if we could raise this money all together to make this wish of the children come true!
07-06-2015: Another continuous action (till the end of June this year) is the "Snuffelmarkt" in the town of Zevenaar. Every Friday, Saturday and some Sundays the shop of former Halfords (Grietsestraat 34, Zevenaar) is open to anyone who is looking for just that one thing where they have long been searching for. All items have been donated and the property is made available to us so that every euro can be given to our charity foundation. We would like to thank everyone for that. Als a very big thank you to the volunteers (Trees, Liesbeth Karin Marijke, Patricia, Jeroen and Jolanda) for their efforts!
07-06-2015: Today was the annual fair "Didam on stilts." This time, Trees (for Fahari Foundation) shared a stand with Jacqueline Driessen of "Second Chance Shirts" from Didam and held a joint action. They sold, among others, marigolds and homemade stuffed animals. The hit of this action was a lottery. Everybody could buy a lot (€ 2.00 per lot) and by doing so they could win a beautifully restored seat by Jacqueline. The total proceeds of this day was shared for two charities. Both Fahari Foundation but also the "victims of the earthquake disaster in Nepal" received over € 400.00 at the end of the day! Trees and Jacqueline; Super what you have done!
26-04-2015: We would like to thank Trees for organising todays Car Boot Sale. She raised €500,00 for the Fahari Foundation!
17-03-2015: The latest newsletter with the fact that the ground floor of Fahari Foundation Centre in Bomani (Mtwapa.Kenia) was officially opened, was published today.
13-01-2015: The floors in several rooms were painted today, and the curtains look nice inside the Fahari Foundation Centre. To reduce the dust in the building, pavements are being made.
10-01-2015: The children are enjoyng their saturday in their new hom (Fahari Foundation Centre)
09-01-2015: Because of the fact that the children had to go to a new school, now the are living in the Fahari Foundation Centre (nearby the centre), all children got a new school uniform, schoes and socks. Thanks to everybody who helped paying for it!!!
03-01-2015: Finally!! Today the children in the program migrated to their new home (Fahari Foundation Centre). Everybody was so happy! There was a small party to welcome them in their new home. Thanks to everybody who helped to realise the Fahari Foundation Centre. We did it for the children and they are happy!!!
02-01-2015: The Fahari Foundation Centre is almost ready for use! To see all pictures of the building proces of this rescue centre click here . (The latest pictures are at the bottom of the album: "Building")
01-01-2015: To start this year good, Karin, Raoul, Jeroen and Amytook a new years dive in very cold water in Didam. They got themself sponsored for this event. All together they collected over € 1.300,00!! Thank you so much!
01-01-2015: We would like to wish everybody all the best in 2015. Together with your support we can give the children in Mtwapa a better life. On behalf of the children in Mtwapa thanks for everything that you are going to do to help us!