Basic needs for orphans: all together now!!


During our visit to Kenia we came in touch with 16 Mtwapa orphans , children who own nothing in this world. No food, no clean drinking water, no mattress, no education, no opportunities , nothing.

Four volunteers want to help them and have committed themselves to helping them but lack the financial means.

During our visit we were surprised with a performance by the children. Watch the footage and see what we saw.




Time and attention is the only thing they can give the children , even though they wash rich people’s clothing to make some money which is not even enough to pay for a meal a child a day. Urgent business as you see.

Triggered by their enthousiasm we (FAHARI Foundation) have decided to help these children.

First we had someone find out how much it takes to provide for one child per day ( at least one meal a day, clean drinking water,  mattress, mosquito net, and some schooling to break the circle of poverty) . It adds up to €25 a month per child.

As there are many orphans in Mtwapa we had to agree on only admitting children to the project if a sponsor is readily available for those children.

In the meantime we have found all donors to see this done, and of course:
we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
One thing follows another, logically

Besides basic needs children also urgently need a good shelter to eat, learn and sleep as the need arises.

We have got our eye on a plot with a building that could meet our requirements.
At a price of course.

Do you think you could help out, with or without family , friends and aquintances?


Please help us help them.


Here you find pictures of the plot with our building