News overview 2013

21-12-2013: The general birthday celebration of the 48 children in Mtwapa was a big success!

23-11-2013: During Bart's Breakfast in Wijchen, there was € 3.941,70 raised for Fahari. A part of this money will be used to pay the breakfast programs for entire 2014 in Mtwapa (Kenya) and Jamtara (India).

19-10-2013: Some of the children in the project in Mtwapa are trained in "basic medical care" at the local hospital (Swiss Cottage Hospital). These children want to go to work in healthcare later on.

30-09-2013: The construction of the Fahari Foundation Centre is progressing. For photos, click here: Photoalbum and then go to the album; Building.

29-09-2013: Third World Fjumble sale of the Mill-Hill College in Goirle and Wilde Ganzen will pay the construction of electricity to the plot in Bomani.

28-09-2013: In Wijchen is a new world record; biggest strawberry pie. It was made ​​by Bart Bakker and Vlaailand. The proceeds from the sale of slices of the pie to the public (€ 624.55) was given to Fahari.

13-08-2013: Thanks to a special donation from the O family from Belgium, a start was made with a goat project on the plot in Bomani (Kenya) and at the project Sharanam BCDCC in India.

27-07-2013: Official start of the building activities to build the Fahari Foundation Centre

16-07-2013: Working visit of Lae-Titia and Bas to the project in Mtwapa (Kenya).

26-06-2013: Official ceremony at Liemers College. Some students, who have helped in the construction of the vegetable garden at Bomani and finance the well, got an award.

15-06-2013: The benefit of Davide & Friends 3 was a great success. For photos, click here: Photoalbum (Then select the album Davide and Friends 3)

14-06-2013: The chairlady of BCDCC comes (at the invitation of Fahari) for a working visit to the Netherlands.

14-05-2013: Foundation "Dorp waar Pit in Zit" donates again € 500,00.

14-04-2013: Spondi Foundation donates € 3,000.00.

14-04-2013: The communicants in Woerden collected € 1000.00 for Fahari.

06-04-2013: Thanks to a donation from WOG in Grave, BCDCC was able to purchase a motor.

02-04-2013: Cofra Foundation will donate € 50,000.00 for the construction of the Fahari Foundation Centre.

29-03-2013: Singer Davide La Cara became ambassador of the Fahari Foundation.

29-03-2013: The proceeds of the school breakfast (Pleinschool Broelkant in Belgium) was € 1,627.00

09-03-2013: The proceeds of the prediction of the football match Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge was € 1.015,00

25-02-2013: The entire staff of BCDCC are able to get their drivers licence. They must have their drivers licence to be able to drive the children in the program in future. 

23-02-2013: Starting to build chickenhouses, on the plot in Bomani, as a part of the chicken program. This project is financed thanks to a donation of Mill-Hill College and Wilde Ganzen.

17-01-2013: We started to help a foundation in India (Sharanam BCDCC) We are helping them by financing a breakfast program, school furniture, a laptop and so on.

12-01-2013: As of today it is possible to skype (each saturday between 12:00 and 13:30 hrs) with the group in Mtwapa. Their skype name is: blessed.day1