News overview 2012

21-12-2012: We received € 1.000,00 from the Welfare Fund of the ING
10-10-2012: During the Winerfair in Didam € 1.603,60 was collected.
02-12-2012: During a breakfastparty (Bart's Breakfast @ Sinterklaas) we collected € 2.825,77.
22-10-2012: Vollunteers collected € 1.253,56 in Montferland.
15-11-2012: During the regional Quilt days in Oisterwijk we collected € 852,10
06-10-2012: During the dinerparty in Anzegem (Belgium) € 3.320,00 was collected.
24-09-2012: Our presentation of our project "The Children of Mtwapa" to Books4Life Eindhoven resulted in a donation of € 1.403,40.
23-09-2012: Thanks to the 1-day event of the Walk of the Dogs 2012, we can buy about 1400 breakfasts for the children in Mtwapa.
04-09-2012: The children on primary school "De Schakel" in Woerden are going to lay money aside to buy school uniforms for the children in Mtwapa.
01-09-2012: During a fundrasing performance of the band JETT in Didam, € 744,14 was collected. 
30-08-2012: All the children in the BCDCC-program received a backpack to carry their school supplies fom Intertrans.
19-08-2012: The swimmers of the "Nautical Mile" in Grave collected €250,00.
06-08-2012: The first harvest of lime and watermelon in the vetgetabla garden.
25-07-2012: We started a co-operation with de Duth charitable organization "Wilde Ganzen". Specificly for the chicken project in favor of the children in Mtwapa.
21-07-2012: During the Round Table 126 Land van Cuijk/Limburg Noord event, during "the Walk of the World" in Nijmegen, a amount of €16.250,00 was collected in bennefit of our foundation. The private people who walked collected another € 1.385,94. 
16-07-2012: The start of the Walk of the Dogs 2012.
01-07-2012: During the event "sfeermarkt" in Loil € 433,11 was collected.
29-06-2012: Thanks to our Belgium volunteers we received a donation from the Anzegem Municipality (€ 713,00)
21-06-2012: As of today it is possible to get in contact with Blessed Compassionate Day Care Center by using facebook. 
21-06-2012: Thanks to a facebook action, we found a new supporting parent to a new 12 year old boy in our program.
19-06-2012: Today the first 3 students, who realized the vetgetable garden and the waterwell on the Bomani site, received their LCA-award.
19-06-2012: A donator collected, during her birthday, a amount of € 82,00 for our foundation.
11-06-2012: The new sketches of the Fahari foundation Center were send to the Kenyan authorities offices for approval.
08-06-2012: During the fancy fair on the primary school "De Schakel" in Woerden € 500,00 was collected for the Fahari foundation.
03-06-2012: During the fair in Didam € 929,44 was collected.
24-05-2012: The Rotary Club "Land van Cuijk/Noord-Limburg" announced to donate €1.200,00!
18-05-2012: During the "under African Skies" action we collected € 877,00.
14-05-2012: Thanks to a donation of a supporting parent, Tina was succesfully opperated.
30-04-2012: During the Queens Fair we collected € 900,33.
27-04-2012: There was a collection ia the Roman Catholic Church in Houten. They collected € 258,92.
16-04-2012: Vetgetables were planted in the new vetgetabla garden on the Bomani site.
09-04-2012: During the "Klap tot Klaploop" in Stadskanaal € 707,41 was collected.
07-04-2012: During the Easter activity in the COOP store in Zevenaar € 695,00 was collected.
28-03-2012: As of today our website is also in English language available.
21-03-2012: Several banana trees were planted on the Bomani site.
23-02-2012: The Anna Muntz Foundation announced to donate € 1.000,00.
22-02-2012: The Dr. Hofsteestichting announced to donate € 2.000,00 to our foundation.
13-02-2012: After a view months of digging on the plot (in Bomani) where the Fahari Foundation Center is going to be realized, they found water!
05-02-2012: A supporting parent financed new shoes for all the children in the program.
21-01-2012: In Belgium volunteers collected another € 225,27 for the Fahari Foundation.
14-01-2012: Start of the breakfast program.
09-01-2012: Working visit to the children of Mtwapa and accompaniment of the students of the Liemers College (Zevenaar-Holland). They realized a vetgetable garden and a waterwell.