Goal 2017

In addition to the important task to find a second support parent for every child in our project in the TrotsFoundation Centre (TFC) on Bomani (Mtwapa, Kenya) there are still major challenges for us!
Below is a list of the various challenges that we want to solve this year:
- It is wise to install solar panels on the roof of the TFC. This in order not to be dependent on the utility company. Every now and then we have a power black-out in the aerea. Solar panels also brings down the cost for power.
- There is an urgent need for living quarters for the guidance of the children in the project. These quarters must be build on the first floor. An expansion of the TFC with a complete first floor was already on the "wish list".
- On the first floor there must, in accordance with Kenyan law, be an "infirmary" where children can restore calm from flu or malaria without the chance that they can infect others.
- For medical emergencies to cope, we need a medical fund to respond adequately to emergencies

Do you have the opportunity to help us with any of the above points or do you know someone or a company who could? Please contact us
On behalf of the children in the project: Asante sana! (Kenyan for, Thank you!)