The Fahari Foundation is not just a foundation. It is a foundation which aims for openness, equality, transparency, honesty and realistic but verifiable projects. At first we started to help in Kenya. We can only do our work with the support we get from our donors!
We ofter hear complaints about large scale development help getting countries from the frying pan into the fire.
Money, given to the local governments by big scale foundations, is spent wrongly. Very often the money and other aid never reaches the people who need it most. The man in the street is left in poverty......
Often supplies (for instance clothing) are shipped to the poorest and most needy countries. Well-meant but as a result of that the local entrepeneur goes bankrupt because they can't sell their merchandise anymore.... So as a result of shipping the supplies to the developing countries we stimulate unemployment!
We think that it is better to buy everything in the developing countries and stimulate the local economy. Doing that, you can help more parties at the same time with the money you spent. (the needy people are helped and the local economy is stimulated)
Take some time and read this website please. Be convinced that aid should (and must)  be given differently.
Lae-titia and Bas Giling